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Winter Solstice Meditation

December 21 is the Winter Solstice; the darkest day of the year. The word “solstice” comes from the latin words sol (sun) and sistere (to stand still). Solstice refers to the way the sun seems to pause in the sky at these turning points of the year. What better time to find a bit of quiet stillness in the comfort of your home.

For this meditation you will need:

  • a comfortable place to sit where the spine will remain tall. (I build a “nest” with pillows and blankets)
  • Another blanket to drape across your lap or wrap around your shoulders
  • A timer
  • Optional journal, for after the meditation

Once you make your body comfortable, set your timer for the designated time (If you are new to meditation, try for five or 10 minutes to start). Then close your eyes and give things time to settle. Let the body settle. Let the breath settle. Let the mind settle.

The Meditation:

Gently rest your awareness on your breath. Notice the inhalation. Notice the exhalation. Notice the quality of the breath. Notice where in your body you feel your breath. Give this process time. Let the breath be natural and effortless. If the mind wanders, bring it back to the breath again and again.

When you are ready, guide your awareness to the space between each breath. When we inhale, there is a moment of stillness, a pause, at the top of the breath. When we exhale, there is a moment of stillness, a pause, at the bottom of the breath. Within these two moments of stillness we can find deep peace. Rest your awareness on the stillness. Practice the pause. Surrender to the innermost peace.

When the timer sounds, lay down and give the mind time to relax before continuing with your day.

Wishing you deep joy this holiday season.