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Springtime Reflections

The 2015 season of Sierra Foothill Conservancy Yoga classes have drawn to a close. Last Friday we offered the final fieldtrip of the year (for 60 incredibly enthusiastic 2nd graders). The week before we offered the final Yoga Hike to our wonderful adults. Looking at the preserve today, the green grasses have all turned brown, crunching underfoot. The cattle have been relocated to higher (and greener) pastures. The waters have been replaced by patches of cracked brown dirt.

Baba Hari Dass says we should “teach to learn”. From the 2015 Spring Season, here is what I learned:

  • everyone relishes the opportunity to express themselves (especially children)
  • everyone needs moments to feel, and be, seen (especially children)
  • everyone needs moments of beautiful silence (especially children)

Throughout all of the hiking and yoga poses and wildlife and fun what I hope most is that I offered space for everyone to express themselves. I hope everyone felt seen and heard. I hope the moments of beautiful silence invited healing and restoration.

And I hope to see all of those wonderful, smiling faces back again next year.


(((Deep Bows)))