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Spring Greens

We recently signed up with Ooooby, a  local & organic food delivery service that makes weekly deliveries to the Yoga studio I work out (Old Town Yoga in Clovis, CA). Ooooby offers a convenient way to support local growers and eat more healthy. Seeing so many happy people return week after week to collect their box of veggies is what encouraged me to give the service a try.


Our box has arrived!


We received our first box, and it was brimming with gorgeous fruits and veggies. Some of the items were things I have never tried before.



The box contained red cabbage, easter egg radishes, romaine lettuce, white turnips, rainbow chard, sweet potatoes, asparagus, blood oranges, mandarins, and sugar snap peas. Since I do not want to let any part of my delivery go to waste, I feel motivated to step out of my comfort zone, get creative, and find recipes for every single item in the box.  More variety means more nutrients. I’m excited to see what we come up with, and how many veggies I can get my family to try. In the meantime, I think a salad is in order.

Have you tried Ooooby or a similar type of service? What did you like best about it?