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Vata Time of the Year

According to Ayurveda, Yoga’s sister science, Autumn is considered to be the “vata” time of the year. What this means is that life is in transition. The weather is changing. Air tends to be drier and winds begin to pick up. To work in harmony with the season, we turn towards poses and practices that ground, restore, and comfort; poses and practices that help us gather strength and invite stability.

On a dietary level, this means enjoying cooked vegetables instead of raw, warm grains instead of cold cereals (kitchari is perfect), and making good use of spices and teas that gently warm. Add more healthy oils to your diet, internally as well as externally. Try massaging warmed sesame oil into the skin.

Regarding our Yoga practice (Asana), we work with the season by slowing down our Vinyasa flow. Keep the pace slow and steady, moving from your core. Stay connected to your breath and to the earth. Pause in downdog, rooting your leg energy down, and breath smoothly from the core for 4 or 5 rounds before transitioning to your next pose. If you are practicing backbends, opt for poses that keep you connected to the earth, such as cobra, locust or bow pose.  Forward bends are perfect for this season. Restorative Yoga poses are especially useful for pacifying Vata.

Old Town Yoga Studio in Clovis is offering regular weekly Restorative Yoga classes to meet your needs. If you are in the area and looking to explore this branch of Yoga, be sure to drop by the studio and check out a class.

Wishing you a season of strength, stability, and peace. Om.